By: Jim Kwik

Limitless is a book written by  Jim Kwik. He is the world-renowned expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. He suffered from a brain injury during his childhood. So Kwik created ways to enhance his mental performance. The reason is to conquer the impacts of brain injury. Now, he is the one sharing the knowledge on how to enhance one’s mental performance.

In Limitless, the story of Jim Kwik when he was 5 years old that causes his brain injury was written in the book.  That brain injury had caused him to struggle with memorizing. It took him longer to learn how to read than his peers. Today, he can recall the names of fifty or more people in an audience that he just met. He’s gone from not reading a single book before the age of 16 to reading at least one book in a week for the last thirty years. This mental transformation of Kwik tells us that we can always improve our mental abilities. It’s not because of brain limitation that we are struggling to learn. It’s because of our own limited mindset, limited motivation, and bad learning method. 

This book covers how the right mindset, motivation, and method can improve mental ability. Most people assume it is limited, the reading speed. You can double your reading speed by adopting these mindsets, motivation, and methods. 


A famous Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,” 

If you insist you can’t read fast, it’s guaranteed that you won’t improve your reading speed. Jim Kwik says, when you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.  Suspending any limiting belief is a key to enhancing any mental ability. Act as if the mental abilities are limitless. You will noticeably increase your reading speed. That is by first entertaining the idea that your reading speed ability is limitless.


If a person you look up to recommends a book for you to read, this will boost the excitement inside you to read the book. What if you are tasked to read a boring English book in your class? Will this motivate you? By these, you will realize that a peak state of excitement and curiosity will motivate you to read a book. How can you put yourself at the peak of curiosity? It’s asking some questions that will be answered after you read the book. By doing this, you will become curious and motivated at the same time to absorb information. And if you find yourself motivated to read a book, the next step is to improve your reading habit.


There are methods to follow to improve your reading habit. Some bad reading habits are Regression, Subvocalization, and Word-by-word Reading. 

Regression is the process of re-reading text that you’ve already read. It goes by other names like back-skipping, re-reading, and going back over what you’ve read. To avoid this method, try using a pacer. It will guide your eyes across as well as down lines of text. You will have all your attention in comprehending the text.  More attention means more retention. 

The next bad reading habit is subvocalization. This means saying the words to yourself in your head as you read. One good thing to do about this is having visual images in your head of what you read. Another one is counting out loud as you read, this will train your mind to see images as you read. 

The last bad habit is reading word-by-word, which means reading one word at a time. Since you are familiar with lots of words, it’s better to look at chunks of words to prevent reading one word at a time. This will also help you visualize the sentence you are reading. 

This book will guide you on how to remove your limitations about your reading speed. Set a time to read books for at least twenty minutes for the next two weeks to build your reading muscle. You just need to remember the limitless Mindset, limitless Motivation, and limitless Method. Then you will notice that your reading speed has improved.

About the Author

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  • Jim Kwik (born: 29 July 1973) is an American Entrepreneur. 
  • He is a Brain Coach and Mindvalley Trainer. He is well known for his speed-reading and memory techniques. 
  • Jim Kwik is also the founder of Kwik Learning. This is where he taught people how to learn something very fast. And also how to optimize your brain for high performance, memory improvement.
  • He had trained many CEOs, celebrities, and several big giant companies. This includes Virgin, SpaceX, Fox Studios, Nike, Zappos, and  Harvard University.
  • The biggest investment of Jim Kwik is his own learning platform that is “Kwik Learning”.

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