The Untethered Soul

By: Michael A. Singer

The Untethered Soul is a book written by Michael A. Singer and was published in October 2007. It was one of his books that is a New York Times bestseller. It is a self-help book. It is about breaking free from limits, expanding your horizons, and discovering inner peace and independence. It also talks about learning to manage your thoughts and emotions. It describes how to untangle yourself from your ego, grow beyond yourself, and float through life rather than fighting it. 


The Voice Inside Your Head


Inside our thoughts, we all have a voice. But, we rarely study this voice from a distance. Singer advises that you pay attention to what it says and get to know it better. It can feel as if this voice is a part of you if you don’t get to know it. However, because you have no control over it, it is clear that it is not you. Understanding your voice is critical since it can be the source of many of your issues. The true root of issues, according to the author, is not life itself. It is the unpleasant way your mind reacts to life events.


Your Inner Roommate


Realizing that this “I” will never be satisfied is the first step toward finding peace with the voice inside your head. This means you can recognize this voice. Singer refers to this as your inner roommate, as a bad energy source. According to Singer, understanding and improving how things influence you on the inside is the key to fixing challenges.


Who Are You?


When asked, “Who are you?” we usually respond with our name, our birthplace and year, where we live, and who our parents are. But, as for Singer, that is not who we are; it is what has happened to us since we were born, not our character.


“I am the one who sees, from back in here somewhere, I look out and I am aware of the events, thoughts, and emotions that pass before me,” Singer says.


The Lucid Self


Many of us act as if we are living in a dream. We simply accept what is happening in dreams and do not question whether we are dreaming. We fly right over our house, never doubting the reality of our experiences. This is referred to as a “lost state” by Singer. He argues that we frequently enter this condition while awake. We can’t understand the context of our experiences if we focus on these characteristics. This is the distinction between being aware of your awareness. And also not being aware of your awareness. 


When you are watching a film, you could go 2 hours without noticing yourself. You’ve completely absorbed yourself in your sensory experience. When participating in these activities, you must learn to detach yourself from autopilot. In that way, you can fully appreciate everything. This exercise will assist you in separating yourself from your inner roommate.


Infinite Energy


The mental approach influences energy even though it is physical. Singer explained this through falling in love. When you’re in love, you are inspired and in everything you are doing, you feel energized. However, when you are brokenhearted, you may feel drained of strength and frustrated. This is known as Chi in Chinese, but Singer refers to it as infinite energy. External forces have an impact on energy. But you may restore control by not allowing your inner voice to take over during stressful moments.

Stealing Freedom For Your Soul


As humans, we spend a lot of mental and emotional energy trying to please others. Telling yourself, “I want everyone to like me!”


We are so used to these feelings that we are blind to them, just as a fish doesn’t notice water. So you must stop expecting your mind to fix what’s wrong with you. Your mind is a highly effective computer tool that we should use to ponder noble thoughts. It is also used to solve problems and serve humanity. This will assist you in shifting your focus away from external issues and toward internal issues.


Pain, The Price of Freedom


Pain will accompany true spiritual growth, freedom, and transformation. Instead, you must learn to accept the pain. Most individuals attempt to avoid suffering at all costs. Yet this means that pain is in control of their lives. All of your thoughts will be affected by your fears. There is pain that hasn’t been handled deep within. And the attempt to avoid pain has resulted in layers of sensitivity. The foundation of spiritual practice, according to Singer, is dealing with pain. You will begin to have more beautiful experiences if you accept pain.


Far Far Beyond


We try to stay in our comfort zones as individuals. This zone limits our freedom and confines us to specific experiences. You must start letting go of the effort to maintain things inside your defined limitations. That is if you want to venture beyond your comfort zone. When you spiritually awaken, you discover you are imprisoned. You wake up and realize you can barely move. Continually pushing the boundaries of one’s comfort zone. Singer believes go beyond. Because there should be no boundaries. Your soul is limitless, free to expand and experience everything life has to offer.


Living Life


Happiness is the path to ultimate enlightenment. The numerous options available to people in their lives can rapidly become overwhelming. Singer tells us that the only question that matters is whether or not we want to be happy. Choosing unconditional happiness as your goal will teach you everything you need to know about yourself, others, and the essence of life.


Contemplating Death


The majority of people try to avoid thinking about their own death. However, Singer believes that thinking about death offers us several things that will help us live better lives. Here are five things to remember when thinking about death:


  1. Don’t wait until the last moment for death to be your teacher.
  2. A wise person realizes that when you breathe out, you may not breathe in again.
  3. Any time you are struggling with something, think of death.
  4. Whatever you are doing right now, someone was doing that when they died.
  5. No matter what you’re doing, you can be sure someone died that way.


The Untethered Soul will show us how to be happy, free, and energetic. There is only one way to become these things: you must be free of your soul. Our inner voice is who we believe we are. Our minds, on the other hand, are separate from us. We shall be delighted if we can free ourselves from our minds.

About the Author

Image Source: The Gainesville Sun

Michael Alan Singer is an American author. He is also a journalist, motivational speaker, and former software programmer.

Two of his books were New York Times bestsellers. These were The Untethered Soul (2007) and The Surrender Experiment (2015).

Singer graduated from the University of Florida in 1971. He has a master’s degree in economics. While attending university, Singer had a spiritual awakening. He went into seclusion to focus on meditation and yoga. This experience inspired him to establish the Temple of the Universe in 1975. It is a meditation center open to men and women of all beliefs and religions who seek inner peace.

Singer is also involved in the medical software industry.

He helped form the Medical Manager Corporation. This marketed the software that helped medical practitioners to digitize their medical records. In 2000, Medical Manager was recognized by the Smithsonian Institution. That is because of its achievements in information technology.

Singer continued his work in physician software strategies at WebMD. He remained the chief executive of Medical Manager. As an executive of WebMD, Singer was based with the research and development division. He resigned from WebMD in 2005 and focused on writing.

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Singer has written four books, and all of them belong to the genre of religion/spirituality.

  • The Search for Truth (1974)
  • Three Essays on Universal Law (1975)
  • The Untethered Soul (2007)
  • The Surrender Experiment (2015)

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